Study in Malta: Wanna improve your english? additional language exchange for japanese and chinese language free!

Malta is well known place in the center of the Mediterranean Sea for study english and spend summer time with friends from several different parts of Europe. There’re more language institutes than hotels in this nice and sunny island probably! Even if we’re still in february all english schools here are making preparations for the … Continua a leggere

Introducing Dalian: Focus on Liaoning Normal University for study purposes

DALIAN: Why today are we going to suggest Dalian as interesting place to study mandarin? Well, we could mention history, traditions and well framed academic environment but we prefer to point out one specific element that makes Dalian really important for whom want to start to be in the middle of several business dynamics, in … Continua a leggere

Connecting with Korean & Japanese professionals: when the point of meeting starts from internship in Europe

ITALY: Working in tight connection with universities and research institutes in Asia shows a concrete matter; professional connections among eastern asia students and researchers are growing up really fast thanking to several exchange / internship programs that recently have been improved with countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailandia and Singapore. Even if we … Continua a leggere

Tokyo: new training program for Business Management and Internship in Japan

TOKYO: The number of students that have got degree in oriental languages studies is increasing in Europe. One reason could be for sure the improtance that such markets are getting on international scene and the interest for join these new opportunities is bringing new professionals towards learning japanese and chinese languages. Languages are necessary to … Continua a leggere