Malta definitely part of EU: positive social attitude about “Europe 2020”

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In Malta August represents a significative month not only for those aspects may concern tourism industry, that’s still as main for GDP (around 30% of maltese economy depends by tourism); this year in August we are going to celebrate 10th anniversary of maltese membership…

If Milano EXPO 2015 means improvement of standards for tourism operators let’s provide high qualified trainings to support development of corporate services

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Probably, as common perception,  the range of international participation to next Milano EXPO 2015  is still lower estimated in terms of affluence and business appeal by investors and international operators. For sure I think we need to improve some structural elements in the event’s management…

E-commerce in China: when platforms support to master the market

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E-commerce in China is for sure becoming literally a boom-phenomenon.  It’s like the first fast crazy running we got towards East at the end of 90’s  when everybody was looking at China as new economic power in the world. And it must be so when…

EXPO 2015 – Events and Delegations are going to get ready. Introducing Nagoya

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As italians we are well informed about agenda of activities that every day are going to make the schedule for next Milan EXPO  2015 full of participations. Usually we are more into updates that regard italian pavilion and public administration involved in dynamics of management…

Education and Organization: Our effort for orientation and training services in Malta

With regard to the training and international culture section, our Company and EU Networking Centre in collaboration with some Associations has decided to establish a series of partnerships at European level aimed at presenting services that enhance student mobility, the placement of new professional profiles in the EU area and the consolidation of specific know-how … Continua a leggere