Target Asia: study programmes, part time jobs and scholarships for University, the open door for careers in East Asia

The internationalization process in East Asian markets is not limited to trade and business relations between companies of different countries, but affects also the management of human resources. Consulting institutes, networking specialists and training centres do not confine their focus on experienced senior & top managers, but are rather interested in young and talented people who are still refining their skills.


As time passes, it is only natural that a country – or in this case a larger area whose market is, as a whole, quite dynamic and constantly growing – is changing its approach and moving towards a new business model. This new model is more complex than the traditional one and contains structural elements that naturally favour in-house training for new hires.

Over the last decade China has been riding a wave of transformation. The Chinese market needs high expertise in many different fields and has been relying on the international market for the recruitment of specialised human resources. Taking China as an example, also Korea and Japan are now shifting towards a similar approach. The new business model does not focus on ousourcing, but rather on training staff locally from the very beginning of their career.


With this in mind, EU Netwoking Centre was born. The center is a collaborative effort between training centres specialised in East Asian culture, consulting institutes and various schools in Europe and Asia. EU Networking Centre has started its promotional activities in universities and among local business partners in East Asia a few weeks ago. The project aims at developing a valid training program with the help of insitutionalised partnerships and through a network of European training centres and associations that act as a link between young and talented people on one side and East Asian partners on the other. EU Networking Centre actively supports both sides and offers interesting opportunities for students who would like to be economically independent while studying.

tutti i loghiIn Italy the project is promoted by Asian Studies Group, an association specialised in teaching about languages and cultures of East Asian countries. The association represents Italy at EU Neworking Centre in Kobe and is currently designing training programmes for young people who already have a high school degree and would like to study in Japan. It is crucial to know the coutry’s language before actually starting to search for a job, which is why the students are coming to Japan at first with a student visa to take intensive Japanese classes. With a student visa, they are legally entitled to apply for part time jobs, giving them the opportunity to pay for tuition, fees and other expenses, not needing financial aid from their families and thus being economically independent. The businesses who are part of the centre’s network are selected with the aid of the association’s Japanese business partners. With the help of EU Networking Centre students are able to focus on learning the language and finding the university that is best suited to their abilities, needs and interests.

Under the programme, those students who decide to take a challenge and go to Japan without knowing the language or without knowing it well enough are given the opportunity to study for one year (or more) at a language school in order reach the proficiency level required by the school or university of their choice. The centre also offers a counseling service to help students find a college or university which suits their needs and get an overview of the various scholarships for which they are eligible. In a city like Kobe, where there is a thriving business environment but foreign students are less common than in Tokyo, chances are high to get scholarships that cover 50% or even full tuition fees.

A similar approach is alredy showing its value in Korea, where Asian Studies Group Italy is recently getting a lot of attention from graduate students and members of the association who are studying Korean with Asian Studies Group in Italy.

Asian Studies Group is currently taking applications for study programs in East Asia and would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding these programs. Also language certification programms and internships in Japan are being offered. Being economically independent while studying in East Asia is not impossible anymore.

Many students have already applied for short term study programs in China (Nanjing), Japan (Kobe) and Korea (Seoul). Short term programs are usually from 1 to 3 months long and are aimed at students who would like to get to know city, school and job opportunities before deciding whether to take up the challenge and apply for a long term program. It is possible to apply for 1 to 2 month long summer courses until the end of June.

For further information about EU Networking Centre please contact us or fill the form as follows



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