Studiare e lavorare in Giappone, settore Education: 5 posizioni

A seguito del consolidamento delle attività di formazione, orientamento e introduzione al mercato del lavoro in Giappone, coordinato come tavolo di lavoro insieme ad Asian Studies Group all’interno di FVEA, Future Vision Education Alliance,  il nostro studio di consulenza propone l’assegnazione di 5 borse di lavoro per studenti di lingua giapponese interessati a consolidare un … Continua a leggere

New Centre to promote services and concrete professional relations between Europe and Japan

A place where build up concrete relations and give support to european and japanese people both on personal, on cultural and on professional side as well. That’s the aim of the new EU Networking Centre in Japan, a multi-cultural concept born with tight cooperation between Asian Studies Group,  first no profit organization in Italy specialized … Continua a leggere

Tokyo: new training program for Business Management and Internship in Japan

TOKYO: The number of students that have got degree in oriental languages studies is increasing in Europe. One reason could be for sure the improtance that such markets are getting on international scene and the interest for join these new opportunities is bringing new professionals towards learning japanese and chinese languages. Languages are necessary to … Continua a leggere