Study in Malta: Wanna improve your english? additional language exchange for japanese and chinese language free!

Malta is well known place in the center of the Mediterranean Sea for study english and spend summer time with friends from several different parts of Europe. There’re more language institutes than hotels in this nice and sunny island probably! Even if we’re still in february all english schools here are making preparations for the new didactic start that usually has its peak during summer time.

As we’re into news and comments concerning cross cultural relations with East Asia and we’re always interested to make on feature study and business opportunities about China and Japan, this time we’d like to introduce a new service that is under promotion in Malta and that well represents how nowadays english study should be combined with skills and interest in another languages, in particular chinese or japanese.

The new offer introduced by EEC Language Centre in Malta in cooperation with Asian Studies Group, organization that beyond Italy last year introduced some no profit programmes about japanese and chinese languages in Malta as well, concerns about free of charge additional language exchange programmes with japanese and chinese mothertongue tutors for all Asian Studies Group’s members that will join for 2013 to any english course in EEC Language Centre! 

In particular the promotion that ASG is doing is focused in particular on three different packages

1) International Summer Camp with excursions and extra activities included

2) Standard Group Lessons + Chinese / Japanese Language Labs

3) English Summer Camp + chinese lab for kids 

In particular the last one represents a exclusive service for maltese scene and it could be considered as fusion of two experiences well managed by both partners: For EEC Language Centre we’re talking about summer camp that every summer  receives kids around age of 7 -12  years old and offers to them special package with games, activities and excursions; ASG decided to add for this pacage its “Chinese for Kids” programme that has been refined with high attention in the last three years of teaching studies managed by the Organization.

asg e eec

The mothertongue staff is also engli speaking so for the students of EEC Language Centre and ASG’s members it’ll be a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful island practicing directly 2 languages joined together in the same package!

If you’re looing for something of really new and well structured we think that you’ll find really interesting such proposal that we’re introducing today! For further info about English + additional free oriental languages programmes contact




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