New Centre to promote services and concrete professional relations between Europe and Japan

A place where build up concrete relations and give support to european and japanese people both on personal, on cultural and on professional side as well.

That’s the aim of the new EU Networking Centre in Japan, a multi-cultural concept born with tight cooperation between Asian Studies Group,  first no profit organization in Italy specialized as  studies centre for oriental languages and cross cultural mediation with many branches and support – desk in Malta for european side /partners, and Interculture Language Academy in Kobe, well named international school with long professional tradition that offers high level’s japanese language classes in  Hyogo prefecture and supports international students not only to get  useful skills on mastering japanese but also on providing the orientation to introduce them to academies and universities in Japan, focusing deep attention on concrete solutions for their career.

EU Japan

On side about professions and job opportunities, EU Networking Centre in Japan offers support with tailor made consulting services for professionals and managers who needs not only solutions and advices for their career but also linguistic mediation and official introduction on japanese working system that represents always big obstacle for foreigners that try to make their first steps into japanese business environment.

EU Net WCentre can be the useful place where find out the right communication strategy and the way to solve cultural barriers and  start connecting people introducing personal, cultural and professional backgrounds. The future of the international relations depends both on newtworking logics and  well structured aptitude for cross – culture dynamics: this new services concept  joins such elements, the cultural side with professional one and offers the correct way to approach the globalization of professional / business relations according with own distinctive background (language, tradition and business manners)

Viceversa the centre provides well framed information and cultural experience opportunities for japanese students and  professionals or companies from Japan interested on starting personal or istitutional connections with european partners supporting their vision on getting more wide and international perspectives. Such opportunities include study experiences, post degree specialization’s programmes, internship programmes, involvement on business missions and professional exchange with european companies / professionals.

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In particular the office presents on japanese scenario professional exchanges, internship and business programmes towards Italy, Malta, Germany, Spain and  also on Baltic Region which EA Smart Links Consulting (partner of the project about business dynamics and professional networking opportunities in Europe) is already managing some projects about cross -culture perspective and professional networking opportunities.

As part of big network EU Networking Centre offers support corners for japanese interlocutors in several cities in Italy, in Malta and soon in other countries that will join our new venture.

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In Kobe the supporting staff is 100% european staff selected by Asian Studies Group after intensive training in japanese langauge (business level) already offered by the association in Italy as post – degree specialization’s course. Officially the Centre is going to be operative from June 2013 but multi – language staff (italian, english, german, japanese speaking staff) is already involved on preparation for the opening in Kobe.

In Europe the japanese personalities will be supported by japanese staff that cooperate as part of EU Networking Centre’s team but they will be also directly put in tight connection with european counterparts, cause the great value of this project is the multi – cultural attendance of its partners. For sure, as european if you go to Japan you want to be immediately put in connection with japanese side and viceversa in Europe as japanese professional or student you want to start on building up your connections  with european people. That’s the concrete aim of the Centre and that’s we do for real!


As first step, it will be launched the activity of the desk ITALY – EU Networking Centre ‘cause at the moment in Kobe there’re alerady present many italians studying and working in Japan thanking  the cooperation between  Asian Studies Group & Interculture Language Academy on that area.

For sure the activity will be soon improved with specific desks focused on management for issues according with needs from different regions of Europe – Our EA Smart Links Consulting LTD is already working hard to improve such cooperations among Institutions and European Countries.

For more information about contents and operative agenda of EU Networking Centre in Japan you can check our page that explains well detailed services

We’ll make you posted with new article about the opening of the office in June! and we hope to meet you soon in Kobe!



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