Tokyo: new training program for Business Management and Internship in Japan

TOKYO: The number of students that have got degree in oriental languages studies is increasing in Europe. One reason could be for sure the improtance that such markets are getting on international scene and the interest for join these new opportunities is bringing new professionals towards learning japanese and chinese languages.


Languages are necessary to deal and in particular to understand more about business culture and cross cultural dynamics with asian players but that the market is demanding to new professional generations are well framed skills about management and knowledges on business environment as well.

That’s why beyond usual language training courses, specific services focused on concrete training experiences managed on direct communication with corporates and through their business network are becoming really important for university students and professionals. Even if it’s really easy attend to language courses for japanese, mandarin, korean it’s not so common find  out on the market high specialized programs, in particular those that are specifically arranged to offer internship experiences and concrete orientation about managament skills for easter asian corporates.

Asian Studies Group, Studies Centre for Oriental languages and cultures with long experience in Italy and with new office in Japan, has introduced for its members new special program as exclusive solution on european scene. the service called “Suggestion for Business Matters” consist of 1 month of intensive activity that beyond class of business management (issued in japanese) provides also 2 weeks of internship in real japanese corporates.

The feature of this service consist of whole partecipation for students into classes of japanese people and professionals, in this way students can attend to specific programs for japanese users, revising and improving directly on best way their language skills.

After 2 weeks of training about business management’s contents each profile will be introduce to company partner that, after checking abilities and interest of each student , will involve their activity as direct support for any business matter on daily working dimension.

eigyoka_logoThe program is managed in collaboration with Eigyoka LTD young and dynamic compay based in Tokyo with experience on managament solutions for companies in Japan.

Next sessions for this study / internship opportunities are fixed for April, May, June and July 2013 – The price is really good and the special pack offered by ASG as no proft centre, includes flight / insurance/ accomodation in private apartement/ business management classes and Internship.

For further info ans subscriptions from Europe please contact Asian Studies Group – ASG at



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