About EA Smart Links Consulting LTD

Our consulting company is based in St Julians, in the center of Malta, few kilometers far from La Valletta, exactly in the heart of Mediterranean Area. This location represents for us a real strategical choice to improve successful b2b relations among europen players,  being in the middle of their investments programs from north to south of Europe and viceversa.

Then, as small but energetic island, Malta represents nowadays one of best high value “bridge” toward north Africa’s countries and still keeps well named position as one of most important international ports in the Mediterranean.

As part of big international community in Malta, our training centre and business firm always minds on offering good network of services for foreign companies in Malta or even for their branches in Malta, supporting them with a well framed professional background.

The first value of our mission is connect Europe & Asia following smart ways. As smart we mean quick, concrete and succesul dimension, obtained by tailor made consulting activity always accompanied by training and guidance services

These services in particular consist of

training services for companies and professionals (coaching, corporate governance, optimization of resources on international scenario, tools for B2b)

communication strategy (on cross cultural dimension or with international perspective)

market entry strategy (tailor made analysis for specific market and specify industry)

investments and re location programs for SME (following programs for international business mobility sustained by EU)

marketing research


business support for funding, operative step plan for start-up’s projects.

support for creation business plan and feasibility study

linguistic mediation (translation, interpreter services, cross cultural mediation – japanese – chinese – korean)

accounting and management for business missions on site (from Europe to Japan China Korea and viceversa)

but we also take care of legal, tax and logistic advisory according with your needs

In particular about our didactic projects we are improving intensive training formats as follows

_  entry marketing strategy’s tips

– fundamentals of business culture and business negotiation 

– cross cultural business management

– fundamentals of company law for internationalization of businesses in Europe and in Asia (comparative analysis)

– intensive extra language courses business english, mandarin, japanese, korean as one to one solution or group classes

– tools for diversity management

– digital marketing (comparative analysis between european trends and commercial formats from East Asia)

In cooperation with ADMEA Italia and thanking Asian Studies Group,  our group  as ADM + EA Smart Links LTD provides deep consulting services for european customers with good network of offices and professionals based in Italy (Milan, Rome, Bologna, Padova) and Japan (Tokyo, Kobe) – we’re also present in China and Korea.

To contact us please send email to


or visit us in Malta!

ADM + EA Smart Links Consulting LTD, the smart way to improve your business in Asia.


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