Introducing Dalian: Focus on Liaoning Normal University for study purposes


DALIAN: Why today are we going to suggest Dalian as interesting place to study mandarin? Well, we could mention history, traditions and well framed academic environment but we prefer to point out one specific element that makes Dalian really important for whom want to start to be in the middle of several business dynamics, in particular for those that are featured on cross cultural dimension: Dalian is one of most important cities in China for logistic and business relations with other east asia countries, first of all Korea and Japan!

In Dalian you’ll find a lot of JV companies made with other players from other eastern asia countries especially with investors from Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Japan. Of course the position of the city is really strategical if we consider it as high perspective bridge with other countries, furthermore as major port in North China and a famous a newly burgeoning center for international shipping, trade, finance, and tourism, Dalian is considered one of China’s most energetic cities.

After years of construction and development, Dalian has become the cleanest city in the country. It serves as a good example in environment protection as well as an outstanding tourism city. What’s more, it is the first to cooperate with Japan as regards environment. For its efforts in environment protection, Dalian was awarded by the United Nation in 1999. In the year of 2000 it was named “one of the 500 world cities that protect environment” by The United Nations office for environmental development. Dalian has also been referred to as “the fashion capital of China” and “the football city”.

As consulting firm we’re involved on several internationalization’s projects on this area but recently we’re also introducing several university students and young professionals from Europe for mandarin courses at one of most important universities in Dalian – The Liaoning Normal University.


In cooperation with Asian Studies Group Association, we’re promoting Dalian in particular for those students that have already got bachelor degree in oriental studies and for whom, beyond chinese, have studied also japanese language. In fact in such social and business environment it’ll be not difficult for our “mediators” start on practicing both, japanese and mandarin, in several working issues in the big cities. It’s not just a matter of communication of course, indeed we need to consider that most of the troubles that are involving sino – japanese businesses in Dalian, usually start from cultural matters, in particular about way of doing business, issuing corporate management, fixing marketing strategy or for gender’s matters in the company etc.

Asian Studies Group with european supporting staff in Dalian and in direct communication with Liaoning Normal University is recently promoting the following programs in particular with The College of International Education of Liaonin Normal University, that is specialized in training foreign students and overseas Chinese students. It was one of the first schools approved by Ministry of Education to enroll foreign students and one of the schools that accept the students under China Government Scholarship. Besides, it is one of the 22 Chinese language education bases confirmed by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council.

– Intensive mandarin for professionals – Business Chinese Classes – HSK Improvement Classes

– Intensive summer courses (1 month) from July / August

– Short term programs (from 1 month to 3 months)

– Semester as language student  (from 18 years old) 

– Undergraduate student in chinese studies or other specialization (4 years)

The university also provides accomodation (good standards) at minimum price for all our students.

The terms to apply for semesters is from October until March for Spring Semester and from April until September for Fall Semester – 

For short term programs you can send us request at least 30 working days before your desired start.

To request specific well detailed contents and prices for each program please contact us (free consulting will be provided)



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