Facing with COVID? Food and Digital Commerce as relevant development’s keys – Beske China in Italy with us

The current serious emergency generated by the pandemic for COVID-19, requires careful reflection on the macroeconomic dynamics that are taking place in China with important signs of recovery linked to food e-commerce, digital distribution and online shopping.

In the WTO’s Trade Forecast released on April 8th, World trade is expected to fall by between 13% and 32% in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts normal economic activities around the world.

Estimates of the expected recovery are currently very positive for 2021 but are uncertain, with outcomes depending largely on the duration of the outbreak and the effectiveness and extent of the policy responses. Services trade will likely be very adversely affected, especially in transportation and travel.

With more factories resuming production, China will be one of the early birds to recover from the epidemic and a key stabiliser necessary to sustain international trade growth and destination market.

A recent McKinsey study identifies the driving forces behind the economic recovery in the F&B and GDO sectors, not only in China but also in Europe, generating great development opportunities for Italian exports.

There will be no restrictions or limitations on the goods movimentation, as this sector will raise as fundamental and strategic asset for the economic development.

However, it will be advisable to protect companies in all bureaucratic and commercial aspects, by choosing reliable operators and experienced import service providers.

In a stagnant situation like the current one, operators should look for new development opportunities, through aggregation and collaboration activities based on light and flexible workflows.

Food & Beverage companies should revisit their sourcing strategies, rationalise their product ranges and assess the resilience and agility of their supply chains as well as their route-to-market channels.


A virtuous example of synergy is the “Blood Orange of Sicily in China” project, that joins together public institutions such as the Sicily Region, Sicindustria (as part of Enterprise Europe Network) and the Red Orange Protection Consortium for italian side, while the Chinese participation is represented by BESKE CHINA.

The guarantee element of the quality chain tracking system on the Blockchain technology of the project is created by AlmavivA, a leading IT company with particular experience in traceability and agro-food. In a market of value like the Chinese one that is very attentive to the originality and certifiability of the product, Blockchain technology represents a leap in terms of quality innovation on the network project.

The realization of the project is followed and supported by our firm ADM-EA Consulting (Milan), which has experience in dealing and developing commercial and promotional activities for the Asian markets. Dr. Davide Migliaccio, who experienced directly period of cooperation in China at Beske’s HQ, now is developing the B2b strategy as associate at ADM-EA Consulting directed by Prof. Paolo Cacciato.

beske in sicilia1

Chinese Delegation and buyers representatives meet the Consortium IGP for Blood Orange of Sicily

beske in sicilia2

Mr. Michael Guo – CEO Beske China visiting Sicily for project Blood Orange of Sicily in China

In the future of F&B’s distribution chain, the marketplaces and e-commerce platforms will lead the development and diffusion of this distribution model, driving the manufacturing companies to search for reliable and structured partners in the area.

BESKE CHINA, a well-established import reality in China, in partnership with ADM-EA Consulting for the Italian market, offers import and vertical services for the selection of products and buyers.


From Discovery and Promotion to Market – Series of Services by Beske China

lezione davide in beske

Dr. Davide Migliaccio – project Manager ADMEA Consulting during previous training session at Beske China.

BESKE CHINA deals with air and maritime logistics, customs clearance and warehouse in the FreeTrade zone, as well as trademark registration, packaging and ingredients control.

It also extend its presence on the Chinese market with a B2b-owned marketplace focused on F&B.

The wide buyer’s audience, ranging from the large retail networks of the GDO to the retailers of the purchasing groups, represents an element of interest and reference, now and for the future, for those who want to enter the Chinese market.

buyer beske

In Italy it comes necessary to create a new regulatory plan for the collection of agricultural productions, which can functionally restart F&B exports, to the target markets made more sensitive by the pandemic.

We are expecting important results for Italian agro-food industry concering Chinese market, even after lockdown issue, and the launching of representative desk of Beske in Italy (Milan) with ADMEA Consulting is really a concrete platform for developing mutual cooperation’s base.




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