Connecting with Korean & Japanese professionals: when the point of meeting starts from internship in Europe

ITALY: Working in tight connection with universities and research institutes in Asia shows a concrete matter; professional connections among eastern asia students and researchers are growing up really fast thanking to several exchange / internship programs that recently have been improved with countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailandia and Singapore.

Even if we cannot mention geopolitical and institutional union among these countries, for sure we must admit that most of public and private universities are boosting several exchange programs for their students and young researchers creating a good background to cultivate concrete relations able to start future working opportunities among ASEAN players and companies.


If we consider the relation with extra – asia countries, even if there’s pretty solid connection with USA, Canada and Australia, it seems that relation with Eurozone is getting slow; it could be for crisis of our economies that make the dealing with us less interesting comparing with new economies or it could be for cost matters that could be for really solved if we think about programs that can take place in neighbor country.

The special selling point that Europe can play on promoting language and professional training for university students or young asian professionals consists on deep history and long tradition for cultural & artistic fields, well trained technical and scientist research centers and for sure big importance given to freedom of expression and communication.


Our Consulting Firm is deeply involved on promotion in Japan and South Korea of new training program that will offer new opportunity for this target on joining an energetic dimension for study exchange and internship schedule in Milan & Rome with focus on italian language and in Malta for english language.

The program follows a schedule of 1 month and offers

– Accomodation in host family provided in cooperation with Asian Studies Group Association (involving members with deep interest on communication with people from eastern asia countries)

– Orientation about personal curriculum of studies presented by each candidate according with Eurozone working system

– Intensive Language & Culture Training (for 3 weeks, every day)

– Research Projects and Internship in companies, research centres, institutions for 2 weeks with final examination issued by  scientific commission on each project 

– Certification of Completion of Study & Internship with final mark.

During this period the candidate will join on several introduction and conversation boards with group of university students and associations, professional and different organizations selected according with each field of studies introduced by candidates.

Viceversa we’re pretty sure that on this way after several issues, the connections among italian firms, organizations and professionals towards eastern asia markets will increase a lot and will show again the real potentiality that italian market and eurozone could play in connection with such partner – players.

EA Smart Links Consulting LTD will be in charge of providing more opportunities in Malta as english speaking country, introducing candidates on more international environment with companies from several different countries located in Malta.

At the moment ADM-EA from Milan in cooperation with Asian Studies Group – Certified Studies Center for oriental studies, is fixing promotion in France, Germany, Spain and Belgium thanking to professional agents and universities involved in this project.

The first group of university students and young professionals from Japan and South Korea will join our training on site from next April 2013 in Milan and Malta.

For futher info please contact



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