New Centre to promote services and concrete professional relations between Europe and Japan

A place where build up concrete relations and give support to european and japanese people both on personal, on cultural and on professional side as well. That’s the aim of the new EU Networking Centre in Japan, a multi-cultural concept born with tight cooperation between Asian Studies Group,  first no profit organization in Italy specialized … Continua a leggere

Connecting with Korean & Japanese professionals: when the point of meeting starts from internship in Europe

ITALY: Working in tight connection with universities and research institutes in Asia shows a concrete matter; professional connections among eastern asia students and researchers are growing up really fast thanking to several exchange / internship programs that recently have been improved with countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailandia and Singapore. Even if we … Continua a leggere

If Europe is sinking to the bottom, Japanese Keidanren courts China

BEIJING: Finally the day has come. The crucial moment when the admirer has to announce his official proposal of marriage. That’s what is going on between Japan and China today after the confirm of national businessmen association of Japan, commonly known as Keidanren, about the imminent opening of own official representative office in Beijing. It’s … Continua a leggere