Studiare e lavorare in Giappone, settore Education: 5 posizioni

A seguito del consolidamento delle attività di formazione, orientamento e introduzione al mercato del lavoro in Giappone, coordinato come tavolo di lavoro insieme ad Asian Studies Group all’interno di FVEA, Future Vision Education Alliance,  il nostro studio di consulenza propone l’assegnazione di 5 borse di lavoro per studenti di lingua giapponese interessati a consolidare un … Continua a leggere

Education and Organization: Our effort for orientation and training services in Malta

With regard to the training and international culture section, our Company and EU Networking Centre in collaboration with some Associations has decided to establish a series of partnerships at European level aimed at presenting services that enhance student mobility, the placement of new professional profiles in the EU area and the consolidation of specific know-how … Continua a leggere

New frontier of B2b – the business tours and cross media effects on negotiations

Too many times we’ve heard about international exhibitions that are important on worldwide scene due their well named reference that offers us the opportunity to collect lot of contacts and being protagonist of direct introduction in the field under international perspective. Most of the times we realized then that even if the event has been … Continua a leggere

Study programmes & Internship for Asian Students in Europe

Discovering Europe improving languages and enjoying cross cultural exchange’s opportunities. That’s the aim of the new “Study Abroad” programme managed by EU Networking Centre in cooperation wih Asian Studies Group from Italy and Malta. The programme has been already introduced in Japan in cooperation with some agents in Kansai area and is under promotion according … Continua a leggere

Target Asia: study programmes, part time jobs and scholarships for University, the open door for careers in East Asia

The internationalization process in East Asian markets is not limited to trade and business relations between companies of different countries, but affects also the management of human resources. Consulting institutes, networking specialists and training centres do not confine their focus on experienced senior & top managers, but are rather interested in young and talented people … Continua a leggere