China: Covid-19 and Tourism – Live streaming as a tool to develop engagement

ECMO Eu China Market Relations Observatory, cooperating with our firm in scientific partnership with Asian Studies Group, is  recently providing a serie of papers about Tourism Industry in China. In particular, after the previous analysis concerning a macro perspective on the topic, the current and next tributes will mostly be focused on measures adopted by … Continua a leggere

Chinese Tourism in post Covid: actions and recovery of domestic tourism

ECMO – EuChina Market Relations Observatory is actually involved in several activities concerning research and analysis about commercial topics that can be considered as crucial for chinese economy and the global scenario (in particular if we think about China as global supply hub or crucial market for several sectors) In particular ECMO is introducing several … Continua a leggere

Studiare e lavorare in Giappone, settore Education: 5 posizioni

A seguito del consolidamento delle attività di formazione, orientamento e introduzione al mercato del lavoro in Giappone, coordinato come tavolo di lavoro insieme ad Asian Studies Group all’interno di FVEA, Future Vision Education Alliance,  il nostro studio di consulenza propone l’assegnazione di 5 borse di lavoro per studenti di lingua giapponese interessati a consolidare un … Continua a leggere

Asia HUB: Approfondimento sull’Oriente e servizi integrati

E’ stato inaugurato a Milano l’incubatore di approfondimenti linguistico-culturali e scientifici focalizzati sull’Asia Orientale dal titolo Asia HUB coordinati dal centro studi Asian Studies Group. Il nostro studio di consulenza partecipa in qualità di partner tecnico in diverse attività di formazione e open consulting inerenti a Cina Giappone e Corea con il coinvolgimento di professionisti … Continua a leggere

Bando moda e digitale: nuove soluzioni tecnologiche per il terziario e la filiera della moda

ADM-EA è molto lieta di presentare il nuovo bando per l’implementazione di sistemi e soluzioni digitali applicate al settore moda, promosso dalla regione Lombardia. Il bando prevede la presentazione di un progetto che favorisca l’innovazione del settore dell’economia digitale come possibile leva per stimolare la competitività e il posizionamento imprenditoriale delle aziende del settore moda, … Continua a leggere

Education and Organization: Our effort for orientation and training services in Malta

With regard to the training and international culture section, our Company and EU Networking Centre in collaboration with some Associations has decided to establish a series of partnerships at European level aimed at presenting services that enhance student mobility, the placement of new professional profiles in the EU area and the consolidation of specific know-how … Continua a leggere

Discovering Korea: join the itinerant training program

130 anniversary of bilateral commercial relations between Korea and Italy represents an important step forward for intensification of business dynamics between Europe and Korea as well. In cooperation with CUPI Center for Union of International Perspective – in particular the section operative on Lombardia Region – and Asian Studies Group (with Hq in Milan), centre … Continua a leggere

Welcoming interns from Asia: New Positions ready for Milan EXPO 2015 in cooperation with EU Networking Centre

We started less than one year ago on offering some exchange opportunities and positions in Europe in cooperation with EU Networking Centre and recently we’re collecting many inquiries from East Asia. Even if our partnership started in Japan, we’re already busy also on checking some profiles from China and Korea as well. Our clients are … Continua a leggere

Business English and Coaching for Business Development in Asia

ADM-EA Coaching Programme is new serie of services managed by network of partners focused on providing well framed training opportunities with short in-class contents and additional seminars for professionals and executives. Even if it has been thought as Business School Service, the concept has been structured more as meeting of people who are really into … Continua a leggere

Study programmes & Internship for Asian Students in Europe

Discovering Europe improving languages and enjoying cross cultural exchange’s opportunities. That’s the aim of the new “Study Abroad” programme managed by EU Networking Centre in cooperation wih Asian Studies Group from Italy and Malta. The programme has been already introduced in Japan in cooperation with some agents in Kansai area and is under promotion according … Continua a leggere