Education and Organization: Our effort for orientation and training services in Malta

With regard to the training and international culture section, our Company and EU Networking Centre in collaboration with some Associations has decided to establish a series of partnerships at European level aimed at presenting services that enhance student mobility, the placement of new professional profiles in the EU area and the consolidation of specific know-how related to diploma, post-graduate diploma and specialisation by following an international training course.

In this regard, CUPI has presented trough our mediation  its candidacy to Studying in Malta, the most important portal and centre promoting educational and orientation services in relation to carriers and professions in Malta, where our company is already collaborating with institutes and organisations with regard to language training courses aimed at improving proficiency in English.

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This partnership has paved the way for the establishment of a memorandum of understanding which on the one hand, enhances the expansion of the promotional dynamics of Studying in Malta on the national Italian territory through the involvement of CUPI and some service companies, and which on the other hand has given our association the possibility to submit a request to our Maltese counterpart for the creation of specific projects for the Italian users that would include for instance

– training courses which are recognised at European and international level with a post-graduate diploma, a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree.

– the establishing of additional services such as lodging and accommodation at sustainable prices for long term programs.

– orientation for work placements for graduates or post-graduates within the shared study programs.

– orientation workshops for post-graduate studies, professions and internship placements with an international profile to be followed in Malta addressed to institutes and organisations in Italy.

This is the first joint Italo-Maltese activity designed to enhance the educational services in Malta not only with regard to the scope of English language courses, but also by putting the efficiency of Maltese training standards in the access to post-graduate courses recognised in the UK with diploma and full recognition confirmed at European level (according to British standards), more often than it is provided for in the standards of some institutes in Italy.

We therefore believe that the result, in terms of the international approach to the subjects, access to the contents of the English language, use of cross-cultural services (classes with European participation) and ease of access to post-training specialist internship programs (paid) that the programs offer, will allow young people to distinguish themselves in terms of quality.

Furthermore, with regard to the section for Companies and Professionals in the dynamics of international development, the project also provides for the creation of training programs for young professionals and strategic networking carried out in cooperation with consulting and business development firms on European markets and beyond to be held during three days of renovation which will be promoted in the operational network of our Association in Italy.

These days are to include

– brain storming in English focusing on sectors and dynamics in relation to the development of the European programs in the commercial sector both in terms of investments and financial assets but also regulations and professional joint-venture programs in the Mediterranean area (Europe 2020, etc.)

– networking cocktail party 

– access to one-to-one meetings with senior consultants and experts on the dynamics in question to the proposed workshop

– top selected tours and leisure activities

The services introduced by the Memorandum of Understanding between C.U.P.I. and Studying in Malta will be explained in a well-defined section

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