Welcoming interns from Asia: New Positions ready for Milan EXPO 2015 in cooperation with EU Networking Centre

We started less than one year ago on offering some exchange opportunities and positions in Europe in cooperation with EU Networking Centre and recently we’re collecting many inquiries from East Asia.

Even if our partnership started in Japan, we’re already busy also on checking some profiles from China and Korea as well.

Our clients are pretty interested to introduce some internationalization’s projects to our interns and we are always more aware that it’s important for our network to share professional visions with our interns to create common framework and boost more business and cross cultural opportunities into dynamic and young cooperation’s environment.

asian interns

Now as you probably already know following our portal, our main office in Milan is improving business communication for development of internationalization’s process between Europe and East Asia area. In particular we’re getting more involved day by day into professional networking agenda for projects that are focused on Milan EXPO 2015!

We firmly think that companies and professionals involved on research and development’s project or analysis for EXPO will get important effort from international participation during internship experiences we’re going to confirm. Many partners have already clarified their interest on plan and introduce opportunities that will able to share well framed and cross cultural vision in occasion of next international expo in Milan.


So as follows you’ll find some positions and benefits that our Centre is going to offer for some categories of university students and young professionals

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 4th of January 2014
INTERNSHIP PERIOD: 1st period 13 of January 2014 / 15 march 2014 2nd period 17 march / 17 of May 2014

CERTIFICATIONS: Certificate for completion of Internship (for university students) useful for academic curriculum

a) Consulting for cross cultural promotion and product marketing (2 positions)
b) Language Teacher and analyst for Intercultural process (3 positions)
c) Communication for NGO and Institutions for international students mobility (2 positions)
d) Business Communication for Corporates on international markets (1 position)
e) Promoter for international events and public relations / communication specialist (about design, contemporary art, fashion and young professional runner star up companies for international business development) (1 position)

all these positions will take part to some special activities managed by our centre and corporate -clients in occasion of EXPO 2015

a) and b) university students can apply to these positions as well with reference letter provided by university professor

c) and d) post university degree students can apply to these positions

– english skill required. (better if certified according with international standards)

Mothertongue and Nationality: japanese, chinese, korean people.

Milan Area (EXPO Project 2015)

Italian Language Training (Intensive program) everyday! INCLUDED
English full intensive course in Malta (2 weeks with accommodation and meals) INCLUDED
Apartment with private room fully furnished (near Milan or in Milan City according with availability) INCLUDED
Personal Tutor for whole program – INCLUDED
Project work edited by Publishing Company as professional research (with reference introduction from Editor) – FOR THE BEST INTER INCLUDED

2 months internship program: 1900,00 euros (flight not included) – benefits as indicated before and VAT ALL INCLUDED!

Due the special price fixed as no-profit offer and limited number of positions, the commission will keep on high consideration profiles introduced with well detailed cv, cross cultural experiences and first timers as interns in Italy.

send your cv and letter of interest to eu-networkcentre@adm-ea.com

and Good Luck!



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