Business English and Coaching for Business Development in Asia

ADM-EA Coaching Programme is new serie of services managed by network of partners focused on providing well framed training opportunities with short in-class contents and additional seminars for professionals and executives.

Even if it has been thought as Business School Service, the concept has been structured more as meeting of people who are really into international business and in particular for whom are involved on dealing with eastern asia markets or they would like to know more about these markets than usual lessons with regular didactic programme managed as in-class training.

Basically the proposal introduced by Asian Studies Group, first high specialized centre in Italy for oriental studies, in cooperation with EA Smart Links Consulting LTD and other partners for specific services, consist of 3 days / 1 week / 10 days of intensive training addressed to professionals and managers who need basically short period of leisure but also for whom would like to spend such time as useful opportunity to join networking events with other VIP members of the association or attend to intensive refresh training about business english for specific purposes.

In cooperation with EU Networking Centre in Japan, the new Business School – Format will be also promoted in particular to japanese young professionals or entrepreneurs interested to join a really exclusive opportunity to build connections revising a specialistic use of english language for business purposes.

At the top of our website has been created a specific section with updated details about each term / session of study about Business Coaching Programmes in Malta and in other countries managed by ASG and partners for this service. As follows you can check the flyer about last offer.

For inquiries you can contact directly ASG – Asian Studies Group to

business coaching malta sept 2013



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