Business Development in occasion of Water Expo Korea 2013: Daegu introduces new scenario for international business

Korea is driving fast, leaded by massive Chaebols through direct investments on international market, it is strengthening its role of well structured economy among eastern Asia players. Even if sometimes private industry boosted national image faster than political and institutional actions have done before, during last year, after nomination on February of new president of … Continua a leggere

Business English and Coaching for Business Development in Asia

ADM-EA Coaching Programme is new serie of services managed by network of partners focused on providing well framed training opportunities with short in-class contents and additional seminars for professionals and executives. Even if it has been thought as Business School Service, the concept has been structured more as meeting of people who are really into … Continua a leggere

Italian Fashion: Tie Ups, when innovative materials and technology express “style”

Chinese version follows  意大利时尚:TIE UPS,  一种独特的创新材料和先进技术 When Italy means design the care for technology, innovation, beauty and innovative materials is something of very important and attractive and it plays a central role towards expectations from different users all around the world. Following such perspection and  high level – pride for “good things made on good … Continua a leggere

MIDItaly – new italian brand for Interior Design “we’re looking to promote strongly in Asia”

MILAN: As consulting firm with particular attention about companies from Italy  ADMEA is always pretty interested to introduce new players with high attitude for business and dealing managed on international scene. On this way it absolutely makes sense the introduction of MIDItaly,  the new concept-brand born from long experience family owned company (Montanelli srl) focused … Continua a leggere

Business & Relocation in Korea? Great start on choosing FEZ and High Tech Parks

SEOUL: China has done the same : Free Trade Zones and High Tech Parks with incentives on boost for new companies and research centres can represent a good start for business relations set up mostly on concrete and international dimension. But comparing with China, a such big country that it’s finished on being involved on … Continua a leggere

If Europe is sinking to the bottom, Japanese Keidanren courts China

BEIJING: Finally the day has come. The crucial moment when the admirer has to announce his official proposal of marriage. That’s what is going on between Japan and China today after the confirm of national businessmen association of Japan, commonly known as Keidanren, about the imminent opening of own official representative office in Beijing. It’s … Continua a leggere