Italian Fashion: Tie Ups, when innovative materials and technology express “style”

Chinese version follows 

意大利时尚:TIE UPS, 


When Italy means design the care for technology, innovation, beauty and innovative materials is something of very important and attractive and it plays a central role towards expectations from different users all around the world.

Following such perspection and  high level – pride for “good things made on good way” as italian creativity for design field is used to be famous in the world, a small italian company from Treviso set up a new creative serie of products for fashion / accessories market that combines thermoplastic and polycarbonate  materials for innovative and smart application: 100% recyclable, compatible with automatic washers, hypoallergenic and antibacterial belt represent a new frontier for style that brings together exquisite taste as smart – apparel’s solution and freedom of expression for personalized look.

Choosing Tie – Ups, this first brand which the company introduces such innovative application for fashion and apparel with high level of design’s characterization, means get opportunity to invent your style using light, strong and attractive materials: each part of the product (belt, buckle and tongue) are totally interchangeable  and allow you to create every day a new style for personal look.


The company with main flagshipstore in Milan in Via Manzoni, recently started new promotion and new communication strategy introducing Tie Ups on eastern asia markets beyond goood results in Europe and good export-activity already achieved with USA.

Further good website with excellent pictures where you can choose the colour of each part of the belt personalizing your order using on line shop ‘s service, the company realized also special series designed by important ad well named personalities on international scenario like the couple of  japanese designers Setsu and Shonobu Ito, building  on this way a product’s communication based on international partnerships and direct relation with customers as marketing feature of the company.

Our consulting studio is pleased to support Tie Ups  in such new venture on eastern asia markets.

After good response from korean market and some important connections already managed in Japan, we’re going to improve in direct cooperation with the Matley s.r.l. the company that owns and controls Tie Ups, the presence of the brand on eastern asia markets. Setting up a marketing department for East Asia with direct communication in japanese, mandarin and korean we think we’ll be able to boost some b2b dynamics supporting business negotiation on site and promotional campaigns with operators from apparel’s distribution field.

bracciali tie ups

意大利时尚:TIE UPS,



意大利作为创意设计领域的先行者,用它“好方法创造好东西”的理念从而在全球闻名。在此一家 Treviso的意大利小公司设计了一种新的时尚首饰产品,结合热塑性、聚碳酸酯材料的创新和智能应用程序:100%可回收利用,可经洗衣机水洗,低过敏性和抗菌性。这种首饰产品代表了一个全新的时尚风格,把时尚和健康的理念融合在一起。

选择TIE UPS,这是首家公司将技术创新应用到时尚服装领域,也意味着你能更加随心所欲的改变你的风格,就像我们的部分产品:手带,手带扣和手带尾端,它们是可随意变换的,随之你可以每天改变自己的不同喜好。

本公司在米兰设有门店,地址在VIA MANZONI。而最近TIE UPS在亚洲方面的销售方面也取得了很好的结果,销售量一度超过欧洲以及美国等地区。

此外,你也可以在本公司网站上连接购买,根据网站上的图样,进行选择你喜欢的颜色和样式,而这款样式由日本一对知名设计师搭档Setsu 和 Shonobu Ito所设计。

我们产品的推广非常有幸能进入到东亚市场。目前我们在韩国市场有良好的回馈,在日本方面也有一些重要的合作,而今后我们将提高和Matley s.r.l.公司的合作,该公司在TIE UPS在亚洲树立品牌方面有至关重要的作用,我们将在东亚市场特定设立营销部门,专门提供日语,中文和汉语,给顾客提供更为优质的服务。



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