EU Networking Centre in Japan

New services – platform that links concretely cultural and professional needs between Europe and Japan: EU Networking Centre provides full costomized consulting services directly from our network of offices in Japan and Europe, basically as no profit content offered in cooperation with Asian Studies Group – Italy & Malta and Interculture Language Academy – Kobe towards network of members and students.


We support also international professionals and local Institutions on twinning and exchange programmes offering concrete opportunity to build up tight cooperation’s relations.

On doing that EU Networking Centre, in collaboration with Europe – Asia Smart Links Consulting LTD introduces the professional support of business partners from Europe & Japan that can cover all practical issues on international relations and international business dynamics like:

– Support for Visa (study visa, working visa, other types of visa)

– Orientation for studies specializations and post degree programmes

– Support for promotion of local tourism focusing in particular on cross cultural exchange opportunities 

– Information for scholarships, training opportunities and voluntary working programmes

– Part time job recruiting system for long term students in Japan & EU

– Solution for social networking through events and media

– Publications and editorial contents about cross culture, linguistic mediation, international professional relations

– Communication with public institutions, local institutions, offices for prmotion of tourism,  offices and organization for promotion of business relations

– Marketing and Communication Strategies and official introduction’s service as solution for public relations needs on japanese scenario and viceversa

– Research and Networking through seminars among universities and studies centres, foundations and international organizations

– Internship for professionals and supports for attendance during major international exhibitions among Japan and european countries

– Programmes towards attraction of investments and Business Venture opportunities, Business Development’s researches

For any question or advice please contact  our main consulting office at

EU Networking Centre  (desk in Italy)          EU Networking Centre (desk in Japan)

at Asian Studies Group                                       at Interculture Language Academy

Via Bartolomeo Eustachi 9                         〒653-0004  兵庫県神戸市長田区4番町7丁目5番

20129 Milan – Italy                                       Kobe shi, Nagata ku, 4-7-5, Hyogo ken,  〒653-0004  – Japan

EU Networking Centre  (desk in Malta)

at EA Smart Links Consulting LTD

Sqaq Ciantar 6 – San Giljan STJ09


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