Japan for young designers: Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2013 – the support program

Tokyo has been always fascinated by design and it tried to be one of most important metropolitan centres in Asia for artistic influences collected from different countries, following a pretty clear interest about mixture for technology and traditional design, that makes this city an unicum in the world.


If japanese designers and architects are well known abroad for their skills, artistic vision, creativity and something that we could define  “harmony -competence” concerning shapes and structures, we cannot say that Tokyo has been always on front line on promoting contemporary design, leaving such role to other countries, most of these from european scene.

ff80808135be0a820137c034d3eb003aRecently something is changing : improving the role of Tokyo as new platform to introduce young designers and boost contemporary design brands and applications. We should for example mention Interior Lifestyle Tokyo, annual exhibition that presents high-end interior design and products. Latest trends and key contacts are gathering from all around the world, becoming the Asia n. 1 fair for the Japanese high-end interior market. Drawing from the success of Messe Frankfurt’s largest international consumer goods fairAmbiente and international textile fair Heimtextil, Interior Lifestyle Tokyo brings a combined fair concept to the Japanese high-end market.

During last edition on 2012, joined more than 652 companies / brands from 39 different countries. It’s not big volume if we compare it with other traditional exhibition very famous on western countries but it’ great result for Tokyo that is finally introducing young designers allowing them to join an important contest called TALENTS: a special area established in 2006 for individual young designers (or groups) under 35 where prototypes  can be promoted for buyers or professional manufacturers. The cost is really interesting: 100.000 Yen (less the 1000 euro) to introduce the own idea!

The winner of the TALENTS area will be invited for AMBIENTE 2014 the twin exhibition in Frankfurt in Germany. Good opportunity to get linked as young designer with Europe.

For sure as italian consulting firm for business and re-location on eastern asia markets we’re sorry on seeing that Tokyo has got good link for design environment with Germany and not with Italy (we know that Salone del Mobile of Milan is one of most important event for contemporary design in Europe) but as professional staff involved on business dynamics that concern Euro Area we’re proud of this tight connection between japanese local talents and Europe as guide / reference for career’s vision.

No-japanese talents for sure can apply the contest, and it’s really important consider that the organizers have correctly divided the promotional area for young entrepreneurs from talents zone. It represent a well done choice that respects roles and curriculum of expertise and different approach on business dynamics concerning design field.

We’re focusing our attention on supporting young designers from Europe on join next edition of TALENTS @ INTERIOR LIFESTYLE TOKYO 2013 and the deadline to present projects and profiles is fixed for 1st of march.

The support service for promote your Talent in Tokyo during the event is offered for free with our Association Partner: Asian Studies Group  – Contact the direction for more details

If you’re also a professional manufacturer, buyer or interior design brand and you want to get more info about our B2B program for design – contact us 



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