Travelling in Europe, Malta calls Japan: Paper Street LTD, New Touring Operator for Japanese clients

As well known for everybody has been well trained about marketing, doing something on the best way needs specific attention for the target.

To match with customers, the strategy should start on deep meeting between professional knowledge and customer’s needs; so to get best satisfaction and be really successfull on offering some services, like travel solutions, it’s absolutely important well know the target which we’re providing something and viceversa receive trust as special provider of some specific competences.

It’s the new way which Paper Street LTD, young and smart company from Malta is introducing services in behalf of japanese market. 

They’re really putting out a new challenge for the maltese scene about travelling solutions on the island: to match japanese market and get customer’s complete satisfaction we need to communicate on direct way, choosing an exclusive P2C strategy (provider to client) that can build trustable and lean relations with high demanding clients .

That’s why if you take a look at their website you’ll think you’re talking with japanese tour operator with all corporate sections well structured to satisfy different needs.

  • Information about Malta totally provided on Japanese language (first time ever issued by maltese company)
  • Support Service on site in Malta offered in Japanese Language (cooperation with japanese professionals & Asian Studies Group Malta)
  • Organization of everything could be necessary (also for those info and services that don’t just concern travel pack,but could be importants to make the stay of our japanese customers real special)
  • Direct communication in Japan with travel agencies and partner operators for the best tailor made / customer made offers

In tight cooperation with our Company, Paper Street is arranging on japanese market new business relations with agencies and operators in Japan. They’ve set up with ADM-EA Smart Links Consulting promotional program wich represent a concrete step forward on meeting japanese operators and understand their needs before introducing new offers for next spring and summer travels.

A special attention will be given upon programs for high schools and university students interested on making real experience of english study in Malta, enjoying an international atmosphere, staying in private apartments or in host family. 

Paper Street also provides short stay programs for whom will choos Malta for few days during multy stages travel in Europe (for exemple from 2 nights). It could be really useful to make your next stay in Europe really different and particular than thos you’ve got before.

The company is also available for arrangement of personal tours for individuals, private customers or small groups.

To fix a meeting with our representats in Japan in cooperation with Paper Street LTD please feel free to contact us.


関東地区: 東京都にアドバイザーと打ち合わせの可能です。

関西地区: 神戸市に促進事務所も有りアドバイザーと打ち合わせの可能です。




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