When attract investments starts from scholarships for international students

BEIJING: The autorithy for China’s Education will increase scholarships for international students already in the coming school year. This is the big news featured this week on announcement issued by the Chinese Government Scholarship Program that provides full and partial scholarships to international students and scholars studying in China.

The strategy is more than clear: making China as one of most dynamic countries on hosting international students it’ll help to boost new cooperations on investments for multi fields and it’ll increase consumption demand for several aspects: education, high technology, communications and infrastructures first af all.

From 2012 to 2013 the scholarship investment will at least be around 240 millions of euros and the average amount will be increased from 50.000 of yuan to 60.000 of yuan (more than 7 thousands of euro)

These new regulamentations will be available and confirmed soon and will be dispatched to  all chinese embassies and consulates overseas.

There’s  a website managed by China Scholarship Council that provide information for applications http://en.csc.edu.cn/

According with the strategy published on 201o during last 10 year plan, the goal for ministry of education in china has been set of attracting more than 500.000 overseas students to China by 2020. That’s could be great start to make day by day deeply and more concrete several connections with new and fresh professionals that will continue to move their steps on chinese business enviroment.

It sounds like if we say that the origin of a good guanxi could start from classrooms of chinese school…

Paolo Cacciato



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